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Dear valued clients of Wicked Web Design and Hosting and Nancy O. Johnson,

I deeply regret to inform you that my mother, Nancy, passed away suddenly on Saturday evening, November 16th. Only a few weeks before hand did she become aware that her health was becoming a cause for concern.  It was only the day before, on Friday the 15th, that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Unfortunately, due to complications of this aggressive form of cancer, she called 911 on Saturday night but help arrived too late and she was gone.

My mom, only a week or so beforehand, began reaching out to potential buyers to take over Wicked Web Design. She was more concerned about her clients, her dog, and me than for herself! Thankfully, she left a few files she created and some notes so I was able to piece together her intentions. I am very pleased to say that thanks to those notes, and with help from her friends and business partners, Wicked Web Design and Hosting will continue to serve you. My mom had listed a few people she thought would make a good fit to take over Wicked Web Design and Hosting with a keen interest for Gerald D. Vinci aka Jerry. For my mom to favor someone as highly as he, speaks volumes to his name and ability. Beginning December 15th, Jerry will serve you directly. I have no doubt that I’ve done as my mom, Nancy, would have and I know that with Jerry, you’re in good hands!

While the transition of Wicked Web Design and Hosting takes place, I encourage you to speak with Jerry as you may have questions and concerns, quite understandably. I’ll let Jerry take it from here and again, I am truly grateful for your loyal business to my mom, Nancy and very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Yours very sincerely and forever Nancy’s daughter, 

Lee A. Hyndman